numerical progression
indefinite space



E_light is a research project on artificial light and the effects of transformation that movement creates in it.

The light, which sets the visual perception of space and objects, is formed by one or many waves glowing from the lamps and then reflected from the objects.

The objects, reflective and mobile surfaces of the space, dematerialize in blurs and light waves, not perceptible by the human eye, are transformed in nebulas of colour of fluid and dynamic space.

The light becomes a tool, a language through which images and forms materialize in space, in motion.



Apparitions of roots on windows imposed by of bright yellow concoct a grid of spells, visions of other times that repeat themselves and back, lifted by a train carrying yellow memories.


Phantasmagoric magic torn by a hope that light is breaking the laws of the trial, compact cages open, rays of light and dark green too sweet, too many judgments of value come up with dissimilar parallel lines, driven by a wind reasonable.
In later passages come from backgrounds bundles known of voices line up made ​​clearer for turning back the threat of dispersing the overlapping cracks and breaks.


The origin of creation comes from pursuits that never touch ... only sometimes cause strokes of blue and reflect only lines of shadows and memories of the mysterious vaults.
Afraid that my mom !!!!!! A case of incest, nearly the catastrophe of the penetration. Good thing it takes the loneliness of the black !!!!!!
The sea is not a dream, always leaves the symbols of water in a palette of parallel crystals and confounds the wisdom of making the lopsided opinion.


(Pasquale Musarra)