Dynamic transition



E_light is a research project on light and the effects of transformation that movement creates in it.

The light, which sets the visual perception of space and objects, is formed by one or many waves glowing from the lamps and then reflected from the objects.

The objects, reflective and mobile surfaces of the space, dematerialize in blurs and light waves, not perceptible by the human eye, are transformed in nebulas of colour of fluid and dynamic space.

The light becomes a tool, a language through which images and forms materialize in space, in motion.



Chills of light through the motions of the dark,
pride color shatters the sorrows of nothingness
raising  to  platforms  of listened  to  lands
dawns, sung by bright arrows
as though profiles of rebel men risen from insurgent lines.


The light is spattered  in a spatial image where time is place

it is sensation, it is memory and uncontained intelligence

It is no longer conceivable  to use  measuring tapes to measure the signs,

They elude the quantum reason and crowd  into a  post-idealist dimension.


Finally the light becomes music and the lines signs for symphonies !!!!!
The colors lose their religious blurred vision, they appear
as essential traits.
Faces no longer  frames to look at, only reflections of harmonies
diaphanous, pluriafane, rhizomes, hair, hands,  mirrored eyes, breasts
full of charm, reversed bottoms.


They give performances of love,
those sighs of wind,
born on a plain of colors
staunched by moving harmony.


(Pasquale Musarra)